“The Thriving Private Practice System"

A Six-Week Telecourse
with Master Healer and Teacher, Melanie Roche

Date: May 4, 2016
From: Master Healer and Teacher Melanie Roche
To: Healers, Students of Healing, Therapists, M.D.s, Massage Therapists, etc.

The biggest complaint I hear from clients and colleagues alike, whether you’re a healer, student of healing, therapist, massage therapist etc. is, “how can I have a successful private practice that allows me to live the life I want?”

Whether you’ve been in practice for a while now or you’re just getting started, you want to be successful. You know you want to be working with a regular stream of clients and steadily growing your practice and your skills, but you feel ignorant about how to do this and confused.

I know exactly what you’re going through, because I was there too once. (I’m happy to report I’m not there anymore, but we’ll get to that in a minute.)

But, check in with yourself and see if any of these issues and questions sound familiar:

1How can I work with enough clients that I don’t need another job?
1My phone isn’t ringing and no one’s emailing. How do I find clients?
1I’m just starting a practice. What’s the first step? I need to know what actions to take in a simple step-by-step way.
1Do I need a website? Can I find clients on Facebook? Should I place ads? Put my card up on a bulletin board somewhere?
1I have another job, and/or I’m a busy Mom (or Dad) but I really want to grow my practice, and yet I’m so busy. How do I ever make the transition from healing being part time into something that sustains me?
1People tell me to just “think positive” or “align my intention” but I have no IDEA what I want my practice to look like. I have no PLAN OR ORDER to figure out what I want.

If any of these sound familiar, I’m really glad you found this page. Because I want you to know it’s normal to feel this way, either when you’re first getting started or when you really want to commit to your healing practice being what you do for a living, with no other job.

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Feel Like You Have No Idea How to Create Your Ideal Life By Having a Thriving Private Practice?

You’re Not Alone…
And There’s a Better Way

I’m Melanie Roche, and many of you already know me as a former Faculty member at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). I taught at BBSH in Miami and Tokyo, and I was one of the few teachers who was invited and taught at two campuses of the School simultaneously. I’m also a certified Brennan Integration Practitioner (or “BIP”) and supervise students and work with clients internationally, integrating healing with psychotherapeutic methods. I’m a certified leader of workshops in The Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science and now also lead workshops of my own in Creating Great Relationships and Reclaiming Creative Expression.

I have a thriving private practice with a waiting list.

I have no other job and no need for any other job. I’m also one of the few graduates of BBSH who works mainly with “civilians”- people not at all connected with the School. In other words, I’ve grown a successful private practice that allows me to work with all kinds of people around the world, by phone and by Skype.

This allows me to travel a lot and spend lots of time with my husband, friends and family. I have time and love to exercise, meditate, read and write, and my self-care is excellent. I love my life. I also know I’m living my dream: when I graduated from healing school, I vowed to live by letting my Essence shine forth—to be the most myself I could be—and by so doing to harmonically give others the sense that they can be their full selves, too. I know part of my life purpose is to foster a world community of those living from Essence.

Like you, I know what I do is useful to people. Maybe you too get great satisfaction from facilitating transformation in clients. This is what I wanted when I graduated. I’m really living the life of my dreams.

But I want you to know I started out as a graduate of healing school just like you. And I didn’t know how to get where I am now. Here’s what happened…

I moved from New York City to Miami Beach in 2003, between year 3 and year 4 of my training at healing school in Florida. I knew virtually no one when I moved there. I got a job working full-time as a secretary in a law firm. This was despite the fact that I had been a professor of acting when I lived in New York and despite having a Master’s degree and an Ivy League education. I worked there more than full-time and got promoted: I became a paralegal in the Immigration department. There I interviewed people and wrote about their lives so they could get visas to stay in the U.S. The work was demanding, and along with it came all the responsibilities of year four in my healing training: I needed help finding a client for the senior Case (where you work with someone all year and then write a paper about the experience which you defend in front of a committee). I thought “I’m never going to be able to have a successful private practice if I don’t know a soul in town,” whereas in New York I had had many friends…

I was not happy in my corporate law firm job, and used to stand at the copy machine there and align my hara and set my intention for more practice clients. This worked—people would inevitably come up to me while I was making copies and ask, “What is it you’re studying exactly?” and they’d become my practice clients. This was what I had been taught to grow my practice, and it worked, but it wasn’t enough.

When I graduated in 2004, I had planned to start my practice in my apartment. By this time, I was living with my then-boyfriend and we argued: I wanted space where my clients (if I had any!) would be able to speak freely without hearing him in the other room. He, meanwhile, wanted to stay home those evenings I hoped to see clients and watch football, which definitely would’ve interfered with people crying freely in front of me!

I literally walked all through Miami Beach and found a tiny office space that I rented one evening a week after work. I think the rent was $300/month and I had no idea how I’d pay it.

I left that relationship and began studying in the advanced training at healing school. This meant four more years of School, plus my full time job, plus my small practice. I was tired but excited. I already had big student loans from getting my master’s degree and now incurred more debt. This was not the best way to do things.

I got a part-time job writing about complementary medical modalities for a website and left the law firm only to then work as a cashier at a spa, a very low paying job. I gave healings there when the massage rooms weren’t being used. That meant healings were rare and I was incurring more and more debt. I was buying groceries and paying rent with my credit card.

I got hired to teach at the healing School. This was, I thought, my dream come true. I had worked so hard for it, for so long. And it was a competitive process. In my year, 21 of us were trying for four jobs. I got it, and in terms of the actual teaching, I loved it.

The only problem was, every time I left my practice to go teach, my clients wouldn’t know when I got back. When I taught in Japan and the U.S., I was away a lot—teaching in two Schools and finishing year eight of my own training and having my practice was a lot to juggle. When I was in town, I’d see as many clients as possible to try and catch up financially. My self-care grew less and less because I was always working. My health suffered. I didn’t feel spiritually connected. I became that worst thing, the bedraggled healer.

I knew there had to be a better way, but I had no idea what it was…

It was painful to wake up every day and think, “I’m not sure I have the energy to keep doing this. What if I burn out before I ever earn enough money? What if no one wants to be my client because I’m not walking my talk, I’m not healthy myself?”

I didn’t have a CLUE about how to have a thriving private practice and live my ideal life, with lots of time to rest, exercise, spend time with my wonderful man - the man who is now my husband - travel a lot, see family and friends.

Until…over time I figured out a system that works for me.

Once I Had the System, My Practice Began to Soar

Over time, after writing in my journal about my ideal life, and by trying out many ideas for my practice, I put all the steps together. It was a huge a-ha for me. I thought, “This can’t be it. It’s really simple. If every healer did this, their lives would be great and they’d have successful practices, too.” The work would spread to the world, which was part of my vision for being part of this work in the first place.

I was sure everyone knew this already. All my teachers. All the healers. All the therapists in all the different modalities. I thought they knew, but it turned out they didn’t. Many of my colleagues were struggling financially, with only meager practices and the bulk of their income from teaching or working with students in the School as their clients.

I kept working the system and refining it. And it kept working! And my tiny little practice started to bring me a healthy living, as I was doing what I most love to do and working with clients who were deeply benefitting from the work.

When I worked at the law firm, I was convinced I needed a day job like that to pay back my student loans. I was sure I couldn’t earn that kind of an abundant living as a healer. In my first year as a healer, I earned far more than at the law firm. And my income each year has increased beyond what I ever dreamt for myself now into the 6-figures.

Yet for me, I enjoy abundance, but it’s not really what motivates me. I love working with people and facilitating their transformation and growth. It’s such an honor to work with people and come to know them in these profound ways. For me, to learn to reconnect with my sense of creative play, to feel my own love of being in my healthy body and then resonating fully as myself so people can be their full selves—this is what drives me.

The turning point for me in my practice was realizing that a BIG picture plan, a whole system was what I needed more than anything else. That way, I’d know what actions I needed to take, in what order, and all I’d have to do was stay on track with my plan.

If you want to have a thriving private practice and a great life, it’s really simple:
1. Find a SYSTEM of tools that works, then
2. Use the system

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Living your ideal life and having a thriving private practice is more about doing the things over and over that actually work than feeling stuck or giving up.

And, what I’m about to share with you may surprise you, but no matter what kind of healer or therapist you are, no matter what stage you’re at or what your skill level is as a healer, there is a simple Thriving Private Practice System that is really all you need to get started.

Really. Once you know what to do, it’s simple.

No matter whether you’re an energy healer, a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Brennan Integration Practitioner (“BIP”), massage therapist, acupuncturist, psychotherapist, integrative medical professional, nurse practitioner, nutritionist, Reiki master, creative arts therapist, etc., the truth is, the Thriving Private Practice System works no matter what the modality.

The beauty of the plan is that it works for ALL types of practices. You’ll learn how to put your own spin on things as you get comfortable with the plan, but the basic system doesn’t change and it works.

I teach clients this privately in my practice, but I’ve NEVER revealed this system via a simple and affordable telecourse…until now.

Introducing my…

Thriving Private Practice System: Your Easy Blueprint to Develop Your Ideal Life and Create a Thriving Private Practice FAST is my no-nonsense action plan for anyone looking to grow their practice in the most direct, easiest and fastest way possible. Over the course of 6 phone calls, I’ll walk you through the same system that changed my life and practice and has allowed me to consistently grow how I reach people in my practice, increase my income and enjoy my life in ways I used to only dream of.

I know you understand the system is simple by now, but I’d love to share with you some of the useful info you’ll be learning during our 6 calls together. Here’s just a sampling:

1How to get clients right away, even if you don’t have a website yet.
1How to know who will be ready and able to utilize your services.
1How to know who you most enjoy working with.
1Where to find these people who are ready and able to become your regular clients. I’ll cover how to meet them and how to talk with them. This goes far beyond the “elevator pitch” or 2-minute conversation you may have learned in school.
1How to easily and ethically gain a large group of people who want to hear what you have to offer.
1How to develop packages in areas that interest you so you can excite people about working with you as you give the gift you’re most passionate about to the world.
1How to “market” even if you’re not a marketer or are shy/introverted and don’t like to “blow your own horn.”
1When and how to market online versus by forming real relationships with real people.
1How to describe what you do so people are curious enough to want a session with you even if they’ve never tried what you do before.
1How to systematize as much as possible so you can spend your time practicing what you do rather than on other less interesting tasks.
1How to reach people…even when you’re asleep or traveling (so you never have to worry about client flow again).

This is a lot to cover, but I assure you this will all be extremely simple and organized into the Thriving Private Practice System I’ve been telling you about.

Are You NEW in Practice?
Wonderful…This is the BEST Time to Get Started Right!

If you’re a total beginner, that’s actually great. It’s best that you learn this information now, BEFORE you launch your private practice. This way you don’t waste time or money floundering on things that don’t work. You’ll learn from someone who has a PROVEN plan you can model and you’ll learn the SIMPLE and FAST ways to do it.

OR…Have You Been in Practice for a While? That’s Great Too…It’s Finally Time You Get a Plan That WORKS, and TAKE STEPS that actually work.




I work with all kinds of practitioners who benefit tremendously from the System. Some of these people already have a part-time practice. Others gave up, with great disappointment. This always makes me sad, for two reasons. One, I feel sad along with the practitioners who studied hard and graduated, but now aren’t able to make a living with their skills. But I also feel disappointed because the fact that people don’t know how to be successful in private practice means my modality is becoming more marginalized. The work is not yet gaining widespread acceptance when it is useful and beneficial for so many, if only more practitioners could offer the work more consistently to more people.

To be proactive in contributing toward a solution to these issues, I offer a system that has worked for me, changed my life, and allowed me to earn an abundant living as I give my gift to the world.

What do you have to lose?

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When you join me on my "Thriving Private Practice System" phone course, you'll receive:


1. 6 CALLS with me, Melanie Roche. In 4 of these, I’ll be walking you through my complete system for your thriving private practice success. (Calls will be around 60-75 minutes each, and they are recorded for you, so don't worry about your schedule!)

2. 2 LIVE Q&A CALLS on which I'll be answering YOUR questions, LIVE! (You can also submit your questions via email ahead of time, if you prefer.)

3. HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS for calls, including your "Thriving Private Practice Roadmap" to help you follow along and best retain what you learn

4. MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls, so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player. (And just in case you can't make the calls LIVE.)

The "Thriving Private Practice System” telecourse will take place on Wednesdays and one Thursday on the following dates. Remember, you will be emailed all recordings of all calls, so you don’t need to be on them live.

CALL 1 Wednesday, May 11, 2016 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST
CALL 2 Wednesday, May 18, 2016 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST
CALL 3 – LIVE Q & A Thursday, May 26, 2016 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST
CALL 4 Wednesday, June 1, 2016 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST
CALL 5 Wednesday, June 8, 2016 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST
CALL 6 – LIVE Q & A Wednesday, June 15, 2016 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CEST

If you're not 100% satisfied with "Thriving Private Practice System," I want to make sure you are happy. Just contact my team to let us know you'd like a refund by midnight of the evening of our first call together. I'll give you a full refund; no reason necessary. That's my promise to you.

So, are you ready to live your ideal life and have a
Thriving Private Practice?

Listen, I know how scary it can be to start your own practice. I've been there, with the anxious days and what seems like endless confusion around what to do next. I only WISH someone had taken my hand and taught me how to actually do this right so I could make a living as a healer. It would have saved me thousands of dollars, and a lot of time (and fear).

And I hope you realize what a bargain this is. You could hire a marketing consultant and spend $200 or $300 for just one hour of advice. But why would you, when you can get a simple, proven plan in your hands in an easy-to-follow format for a FRACTION of that price?

It's really a "no brainer" to enroll in the Thriving Private Practice System. For the equivalent of about 2.5 personal process sessions, you can learn techniques that will set you up for life.  In just 2-3 client sessions, you will have earned back the price of the course. It's something you can use right now, and you’ll learn valuable skills to use for your success in the future as well. I'm not teaching sexy strategies that will be disappearing next month. I teach tried and true strategies you can use for YEARS to come.

Let me take YOU by the hand in this live course by phone. You too can grow your business without struggle and enjoy a simple plan you can use for any business you ever start, for the rest of your career.

Sign up for Thriving Private Practice System now for the price of just $300. (There’s also a payment plan of two payments of $175.)

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One last bit of advice from a former mentor of mine: If you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep getting what you've always gotten.

Let me show you the fast track to having a thriving private practice NOW, with a simple, step-by-step system. You're going to love it!

With Love,



P.S. Remember, your investment in Thriving Private Practice system should qualify as professional development for your business, so talk with your accountant about how you can deduct the cost of this course from your next tax return.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.